From the field to flour


In 2019, the Pennsylvania Agricultural Business Development Center (ABDC) was created by the commonwealth’s legislature. The ABDC’s goal is to safeguard the long-term vitality of Pennsylvania farms by focusing on providing support for sound business planning, efficient transitions of

Different takes on biodiversity


In a roundtable discussion at the annual Northeast Grazing and Livestock Conference, producers discussed forage biodiversity.

  • Matt Choiniere of Choiniere Family Farm, Highgate, VT

Choiniere and his dad ship certified organic milk to Organic Valley’s Vermont GrassMilk route.  Under

Preventing drift


Why should you be concerned about where your pesticide application ends up? Jason Deveau, application technology specialist with the Ontario Ministry of Farm & Rural Affairs in Canada, answered with three words: “Everyone is watching.”

Deveau presented “Catch My