Ignite Attachments launches Severe Duty Bucket and Sweeper Bucket attachments


Product line expansion supports construction and industrial projects to help get the job done right

MOORHEAD, MN – Ignite Attachments announced the expansion of its product lineup to include the Severe Duty Bucket and Sweeper Bucket attachments. Arriving at the start of another busy year, the new additions offer enhanced versatility and product availability for construction and industrial projects.

“As springtime building activity picks up, we’re excited to expand our offerings and serve a wider swath of the construction community. Specifically, the additional strength of the Severe Duty Bucket helps us meet the needs of people with tasks requiring maximum durability of their buckets,” said Business Director Trisha Pearson. “We are fundamentally dedicated to providing the tools people need to get the job done, quickly and seamlessly. Now, even more people can do just that with Ignite.”

The 74″ Severe Duty zbucket

The Severe Duty Bucket, the heavily reinforced and most heavy duty of all the Ignite bucket options, offers cutting edge visibility and superior breakout force for better digging and easier bucket filling. It comes in both 68˝ and 74˝ widths to meet the specifications and carry the heavy loads of each project.

The Sweeper Bucket is ideal for clearing soil, sand, sediment and other debris.

The Sweeper Bucket is ideal for clearing soil, sand, sediment and other debris. The standard cutting edge scrapes packed material, and the polypropylene bristles sweep up dirt and debris. Its reversible cutting edge and height adjustment system allow for increased durability and service life, making sweeping, collecting and dumping materials easier than ever.

In addition, Ignite is announcing the launch of three new agricultural attachments, designed and proven to help professionals and homeowners work more efficiently. The Middle Buster, Light Duty Pallet Frame and Fork, and Hay Spear will be available March 13, 2023. Products range between $219.99 and $5,599.99, offering the price point and durable performance required to perform each job at an expert level.

Ignite, which launched in November 2022, offers accessibly priced attachments and three point (3PT) implements for compact equipment in the agriculture, landscape, rental and construction industries from a direct-to-consumer online storefront and a growing network of resellers. Removing the guesswork with its proprietary Fit Finder, the industry’s most reliable attachment finder, Ignite stands alone in the category giving customers the confidence that their chosen product will be the perfect fit for its intended carrier and use case upon delivery.

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