ISEA releases online tool showing safety equipment industry’s nationwide impact


International Safety Equipment Association (ISEA) Reveals Workers Protected, Jobs Created, Tax Revenue Generated by America’s $71.6 Billion Safety Equipment Industry

ARLINGTON, VA—International Safety Equipment Association (ISEA) is launching an informative and user-friendly online tool May 13, 2021, offering an in-depth, state-by-state look into the number of workers protected by and economic activity of the $71.6 billion industry throughout the U.S. “2020 Economic Impact of the Safety Equipment Industry” includes distributors, suppliers and other interlinked impacts on America’s economy, measuring the number of jobs in the industry, wages paid to employees, total economic output, and federal and state business taxes generated. Clicking on a state enables users to localize the data even further by congressional district.

“The safety equipment industry is a bright spot in the economy, serving as a stable revenue and job producer throughout the U.S.,” said ISEA President Charles Johnson.

The online tool reveals how important the industry is both as an ongoing supplier of workplace safety equipment and as a source of essential personal protective equipment (PPE) for American workers. The safety equipment industry provides head protection, eye protection, hearing protection, hand protection, foot protection, respiratory protection, safety apparel, fall protection, general safety and ergonomics equipment that support the health and safety of workers in agriculture, mining, transportation and communications, construction, manufacturing, services, sales, medical, government and other workplaces.

Last year, the safety equipment industry generated more than 345,000 jobs, which included 29,642 manufacturing jobs, 33,566 wholesaling jobs, and 65,909 retailing jobs, among others. Companies paid $22.2 billion in total wages during 2020, with the average wage in the industry being $64,500. Companies also paid $5.1 billion in federal taxes and $3.9 billion in state taxes last year.

“We offer this free online state-by-state tool as a valuable service so that everyone, from industry and government stakeholders to curious consumers, can quickly and easily learn about the safety equipment industry’s impact and role in helping protect more than 111.1 million workers across the U.S.,” said Johnson.