Lo-Density® drop-in heaters are ideal for underground asphalt storage tanks


SEATTLE, WA – Lo-Density® drop-in tank heaters from Seattle, WA-based Process Heating Company (PHCo), are ideal for 100%-efficient heating of asphalt and emulsions in both underground tanks and distributor trucks. The drop-in heater is easy to install by simply dropping it through the tank’s manway and attaching it horizontally to the tank bottom. If needed, multiple heaters can be laid end-to-end using flexible high-temperature power leads.

Underground asphalt storage tanks provide a number of benefits for producers. For example, the surrounding earth provides natural insulation in dry climates. Underground tanks also require a much smaller footprint than their above-ground counterparts, which frees up property onsite for other uses. Lo-Density, electric, drywell-style heat requires no permits or stacks, requires little maintenance and is always 100% efficient. Unlike other underground storage tanks, such as diesel or oils, asphalt tanks provide little cause for concern with leaks, as asphalt is a solid at ambient temperatures. Because of this, underground asphalt tanks are not required to meet the same regulations as these other underground tanks.

Lo-Density Drop-in Heaters are also entirely appropriate for above-ground applications, including static installations up to 50,000 gallons, as well as distributor trucks. The heaters install the same way as in underground tanks. Above-ground tanks must have a minimum of 3 inches of fiberglass (or similar) insulation and weatherproofing.

Drop-in heaters from PHCo are available for tank capacities ranging from 1,000 gallons to 50,000 gallons, and they will maintain temperatures from 125° F to 325° F. The heaters’ recommended capacities include sufficient heat to maintain the temperature shown, plus a reserve capacity for heat-up requirements. The Drop-in Tank Heater kit includes a UL-Listed control panel with digital thermostats for tank content temperature control. The complete kit includes heaters, controls, temperature sensors, wiring boxes and transition fittings for the tank top. As with all of its heaters, PHCo stands behind its equipment, offering a one-year element replacement guarantee.