McCloskeyTM unveils new feeder stackers


Versatile and mobile SF50 boosts efficient stockpiling for projects on the move

KEENE, ON — McCloskey International has introduced a new feeder stacker to its lineup — the SF50 — designed to be on of the most productive and portable products in its category.

Versatile in its use across industries, the SF50 feeder stackers facilitate the handling and stockpiling of materials including, but not limited to, aggregates, coal, C&D waste, sand and gravel, topsoil and compost. All can be fed into the hopper with large loaders and excavators, combining the efficiency of a high capacity hopper with a stacking conveyor. Variable speed prevents material from building up, allowing for more controlled flow of material.
The track mobility of the SF50 ensures the machine is versatile on-site. When moving site-to-site, the SF50 can be compacted for transport on a low loader, or loaded in a 40 ft. cube container, reducing costs and logistics.

The SF50 is available in a variety of power options, including dual power, diesel/hydraulic, electric/hydraulic, diesel electric and diesel with genset.

Key Features of the SF50 include:
50’ long main conveyor with 40” wide belt
Hydraulic folding heading section for transport, minimizing setup time.
Hydraulically adjustable discharge height up to 6.5m
3.5m tracks for superior manoeuvrability and stability
Fuel efficient Hydraulics system.
User Friendly Hydraulic Controls
Powered by a CAT 2.8 55 kW/74 HP engine
Production up to 500 TPH

The SF50 also offers many options to align the equipment to the requirements of the owner/operator, including:
Hydraulic / manual tipping grid
Two deck vibrating grid with remote tipping
Complete remote functionality
Various hopper liners, including Hardox®
Head scraper upgrade
Full skirting on main conveyor
Various belt types available

The McCloskey engineering team has extensive experience in the design, manufacture, operation and maintenance of products and as such ensure each is suited to the application and requirements of our customers. The SF50 adds a versatile and mobile solution to the McCloskey range of feeder stackers.