Metso Outotec complements its screening media offering with Trellex® GS modular panel


Metso Outotec expands its screening media offering with Trellex® GS, a panel that meets European aggregate industry fixing standards. Trellex® GS is an innovative, modular screening media with a knock-in system available in both rubber and polyurethane. It is designed to offer long wear life, with easier change-outs and increased uptime and safety. The new screening media panel is now commercially available.

”Trellex® GS is an important addition to Metso Outotec’s screening media portfolio and complements our goal to develop easy-to-use screening modules, which makes a sustainable difference to the customer’s screening process. The rubber and polyurethane compounds are unique, the result of decades of dedicated research and development. These highly flexible materials are unbeatable in fighting blinding and pegging. Worth mentioning is that Trellex® GS has been developed based on the unique process knowledge Metso Outotec has from the whole process including crushing, grinding and screening”, says Adrian Wood, Vice President, Regional Sales Support, Screening business line, Metso Outotec.

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Metso Outotec Trellex® GS panel offers several unique benefits including e.g.,

  • Minimized downtime: Easy maintenance, state-of-the-art materials, and a reliable industry standard fixing system increase uptime. Customized rubber quality to prevent blocking and fire and to maximize wear life.
  • Safe and fast maintenance: One module panel is half the size of competing products. The sizes are adapted to facilitate easy stockholding and maintenance.
  • Higher processing efficiency: Less pegging and blinding, thanks to a wide range of state-of-the-art materials. Layout of the screen deck can be modified to adapt to changing conditions.
  • Sustainable difference: Long wear life and the ability to change only the worn-out modules means less media consumption and waste.

Discover more about the new Trellex® GS panel and other screening media solutions on our website.