New LiuGong dealer IS Equipment makes its mark on Missouri-Kansas market


KATY, TX – LiuGong’s appointment of IS Equipment Sales and Service, LLC, just eight short months ago has already turned into a success story based on rock-solid equipment and exemplary local service.

The company was founded by Paul Licausi, president of an industrial real estate company. Through the years, Paul had the opportunity to work with several construction companies and decided that he should expand his company’s services into acquiring a fleet of heavy equipment and machinery. This became IS Equipment Sales and Service.

“For four years we actively searched for just the right equipment,” said Leonard Licausi, chief operating officer of IS Equipment. “Number one, we had to have a quality machine, as good or better than the equipment that was already being used in our market. Number two, the price had to be attractive to our prospective customers. So, you can say we did all our homework before we decided to represent LiuGong.”

“I had a customer the other day who was using a LiuGong 936E excavator. I asked him if he had any complaints—he said yes, the 936E was too fast and efficient in unloading dump trucks. I could tell a lot of stories like that.”

But Licausi added that price is important too, and he has had success with contractors who were looking at buying used equipment, with all the unknowns that entails, who realized that for just a little more money, they could buy a brand new LiuGong with a full warranty.

IS Equipment services construction and demolition contractors, with a bit of a sub-specialty in demolition. Service is a core principle at IS Equipment. “If I have a customer that needs a part, I’ll throw the part in the back of my pickup and deliver it to him myself,” Licausi said. “We know that every minute he’s down he’s losing money.”

The new dealer hosted their first “Demo Day” in their yard July 14. “That’s my most successful sales ‘trick’,” Licausi added. “I just get them to sit in the cab and try it out.”