Werk-Brau V-Line Strata Frost-Rock Buckets tackle frozen ground and layered rock


FINDLAY, OHIO — Werk-Brau introduces the V-Line Strata Frost and Rock Bucket for excavating frozen ground and layered rock.  Oversized leading edges, and a cutting edge with reinforced plate ensure long service life in severe conditions.  Available in ¼-cubic yard to 3-cubic yard capacities, the V-line design allows the machine to exert all of its force at a single point.  Constructed of T-1 steel in all critical or high wear areas, this bucket features steel walls that are thicker than traditional buckets and heavily reinforces wear areas.  Each bucket has tapered sides to reduce wear on bucket sides and to allow for easier dumping.  Extra-severe-duty model is available for heavier applications involving tougher and more abrasive rock (Blue Coral or Granite)  In addition to working in frozen ground and layered rock, Werk-Brau V-Line Strata Frost and Rock Buckets can also be used for moderate prying.

Twin Tiger teeth are set in a manner to provide maximum penetration, with various optional teeth designs available.  Special designs and capacities are available upon request.

Werk-Brau manufactures a complete line of OEM and replacement attachments for excavators, mini excavators, backhoes, mini and full-size loaders, and crawler loaders.  Since 1947, they have been industry leading innovators, designing and producing specialty products for the heavy equipment industry.  Their products are made in the USA and sold through equipment dealers and distributors worldwide.  More than 70 years after their founding, the core principles of the company remain relevant – “provide customers with the utmost service, quality, and maintain the quality that bears the Werk-Brau name.”  For more information on Werk-Brau products,  contact Dale DeWeese at 800.537.9561, or via e-mail at sales@Werk-Brau.com, or visit them online at www.Werk-Brau.com.